SUP = Stand Up Paddleboarding
Stand Up Paddleboards have become super popular in recent years. Far from just an activity you get to do once on vacation in the Caribbean, we can practice SUP right here in Connecticut, too! Once you get the hang of it, the whole family will want in on the fun!

Not sure you can do it? Just like anything, learning from someone who knows, rather than just hopping on and hoping for the best, is always a great idea! Take a SUP 101 lesson to help you learn the proper form and techniques, and you’ll be standing on water in no time! Want to challenge your balance and enjoy yoga out in nature in a new way? Float your yoga with a SUP Yoga class!

Check out this article from SUP World Mag to learn about the history of this increasingly popular sport!

What Should I Wear?
Something that you might wear to swim or surf; I don’t recommend cotton. For example: swim suits, board shorts, UV-proof shirts (like rash guards or tech shirts), wick-away shirts, paddling/surfing leggings, etc. A light layer for the top might be nice if it’s cool out. I highly suggest bringing a hat as well. And, of course waterproof sunblock!

Please see SUP Policies for all the stuff you might think about bringing that I can’t be responsible for.