SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga is… yoga on a SUP! It’s an art of balance, and a lot of fun! The first time I ever got on a SUP was to do SUP Yoga (for a whole weekend of classes!), and I’ve been hooked on the combination of the two ever since!

At the moment, I can take one or two people for SUP Yoga in Woodmont/West Haven. Learn and practice before going out in a bigger group (or on a trip!), plan a best friends outing, or even a fun date experience!
Single SUP Yoga practitioner including board and life jacket: $45
Pair/couple SUP Yoga including board and life jacket: $75

If you have your own board(s) and want to schedule a class, please be in contact and let’s set it up! Max 5 yogis/yoginis per class. BYO boards and life jackets. 60 minute class $125.

Classes are 60 minutes and include:

  • Basic SUP paddling instruction,
  • Moments of meditative quiet to enjoy the nature around us,
  • Yoga close to the board (seated, kneeling, lying down), and
  • The option to work on more advanced standing and asymmetrical poses.
  • Experienced yogis and yoginis are welcome to safely enter and exit advanced poses.


  • Ability to swim and follow safety instructions.
  • SUP 101 is not required, but some paddling knowledge and skills are always helpful.

You’ll be anchored, so the board – the biggest flotation device out there – isn’t going to leave you. You are also welcome to keep the life jacket on throughout the class if you like. You are safe and secure, so PLAY and have fun. SUP Yoga is a great opportunity to let yourself a little more than regular life on land allows. Enjoy it!

I will do my absolute best to get some killer pix of you on the board during the class, and you’ll get them sent to you after class. You can use these in social media, etc. I just ask that you please tag me in these photos so we can stay connected! (IG: @BetsyAtTheBeach)

Please see the SUP Policies for all the stuff you might think of bringing that I can’t be responsible for.

Photo by ThumbSUPYoga @thumbsupyoga