Classes and Schedule

I first started practicing yoga in 2000, in an unofficial class in Federal Hill, Baltimore. I loved it because it was late enough in the evening that I could make it back from my job in Washington, DC and still get to class, and afterwards, I felt toned, relaxed and slept great. That’s all I needed to get hooked!

As the years went on, I practiced all kinds of yoga. Hot yoga when I was in graduate school in Boston. Gentle yoga in Guatemala. Restorative yoga in Mexico. And more. Much more!

Recovering from serious illness in 2012, I leaned into yoga in a real way to help me with weight loss, anxiety, depression, and a feeling that I’d lost myself. In addition to a bunch of other lifestyle changes, yoga helped save me. Or, rather, it helped me save myself. THAT is why I teach yoga. The power that it holds to help us heal ourselves is intense and sincere.

I teach the kinds of yoga that benefited me most when I needed them (and the things that I just plain love to do too!):

You won’t often find me leading a fast-paced flow class, or anything in a seated setting – unless we are on the beach or in the tropics!

In my classes, you get clear instruction on getting into and out of poses, and my goal is really for you to gain a whole toolbox of tools to use as you move through your every day life. Tools that help you feel better in your body – in fact, to actually feel as if you are IN your body, and to be better in the world, in general. There’s a lot to unpack there, so I guess you’ll just have to come and find out for yourself exactly how we do that 🙂 .