Sample Deep Play for Kids Class

Here’s a sample curriculum of a class I have lead for 20 preschoolers:
Theme: Going to the zoo
Time: 45 minutes
Materials: yoga (mat) dots, scarves, bean bag animals, Hoberman balls, Playful Pose cards

We begin with a dance party, what else?! Scarves and a conga line, as we dance around and get all the wiggles and sillies out. Kids need an opportunity to move their bodies freely, but while remaining in control.

Everyone stands in a circle and pass a bean bag animal around as each child says their name and one thing they are happy about. This starts to bring some cohesion and focus to the group without being serious. It also has the potential to switch over to positive or happy thoughts and to get to know each other better.

Using the Hoberman balls, we learn about how the lungs work, and the kids each take a turn leading the group in breathing exercises. Yes, even 3 year olds!

Passing the bean bag animals from hand-to-hand, while looking in the animal’s eyes works on mindfulness (for our purposes, that means paying attention on purpose!).

Movement. We make our way to the zoo, explore around the zoo, and make our way home working through simple and fun movements, including plenty of yoga poses, stretching and strengthening kids’ muscles.

The kids give their animals a ride on their tummies by engaging in deep breathing while lying down. Everyone takes a little rest.

As you can see, we can accomplish so much through play!