Private Yoga

Private and Semi-Private Yoga Sessions
Private or semi-private sessions can consist of a personalized mix of yoga asana (postures), breath-awareness exercises, meditation, relaxation, and aromatherapy (optional). These sessions are an amazing way to jump-start recovery and/or ease discomfort, and are particularly helpful for individuals who are processing injury or illness, are brand new to yoga, or have specific things to work on.

The great thing about private sessions is that we can work on so many things that are challenging you on, and off, the mat!

For example:
– If you find discomfort or difficulty in certain postures, we can work on uncovering the source of the discomfort and devise custom modifications so you can practice in ways best suited to your body and needs.

– If it is difficult to relax in shavasana (hint: we all struggle with this at some point!), we can work on strategies that can help you achieve greater relaxation in that posture and at the same time, address stress and difficulty transitioning to a more relaxed state in life off-the-mat, too.

– We may workshop and practice different breath work techniques (pranayama) to help you achieve certain goals such as increased energy and focus, deeper relaxation, or the ability to fall asleep more easily.

– If you suffer from repetitive stress which is showing up as neck stiffness, lower back/hip/leg pain, poor circulation, headaches, wrist and hand pain, lack of mobility in the shoulders, etc., we can work together to find simple exercises and stretches that alleviate your discomfort, and at the same time, solutions to prevent, and start to reverse, this repetitive stress on the body.

There’s really nothing like individualized attention and a customized session to help you explore your way, with humor, through places where you’re stuck, so you can start living your best life in the body you have! I will never push or pull you into any posture, or deeper expression of a posture. I will guide you with words and cues to find what is right for your body.

Private Individual Yoga Pricing (October 2021 – March 2022)
60 Minutes Single Session: $75
60 Minutes 5-Session Pack (save $25): $350
75 Minutes Single Session: $90
75 Minutes 5-Session Pack (save $35): $415
90 Minutes Single Session: $110
90 Minutes 5-Session Pack (save $50): $500

Up the fun, and make it a semi-private session by choosing the option to Bring a Friend (add $20/ session )

Make your Private Individual Class even yummier by adding on a Reiki session!
Private Yoga + Reiki Pricing (October 2021 – March 2022)
Private Yoga (60 Minutes) + Reiki (30 Minutes): $110
Private Yoga (75 Minutes) + Reiki (30 Minutes): $125
Private Yoga (60 Minutes) + Reiki (45 Minutes): $125
Private Yoga (75 Minutes) + Reiki (45 Minutes): $140

Private and semi-private yoga classes can be held at the beach (weather permitting), at your home, or at my yoga space (Fairfield) (travel surcharge may apply if your home is north of West Haven, CT, or south of Westport, CT).
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Check out my Prenatal Yoga page for Individual Private, Semi-Private, and Partners Private yoga sessions for you or a friend!